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Front-desk Reimagined

The power to manage your properties effortlessly. The NexTap Front-Desk Management system is where user-friendliness meets efficiency. This smart dashboard is the control center for all your Hotels’ operations. Reservation, PoS, Guest Experience, Communication, Scheduling, Reporting, Grievance redressal, Rate Management and much more! Increase guest satisfaction, productivity, revenue. Decrease efforts and IT expenses. Save time & cost.
Reduce Staffing Challenges
Boost Productivity
Save Labor Cost
Ensure better Monitoring

Next Level Housekeeping

Simplify & streamline your Housekeeping operations. A user friendly interface, robust feature set help staff manage room statuses, assignments, cleaning schedules, and inventory levels. Easy to use dashboard allows prioritizing tasks and ensuring that rooms are cleaned & prepared in a timely and efficient manner. Adjust staffing levels, optimize resources, and reduce cost.
Increase efficiency & Staff satisfaction
Improve guest experience
Simplify Communication
Save Cost & time

And Much More...

A comprehensive Hospitality App that blends Task Management & Collaboration.

NexTap - The Smart Solution for all your Hotel Operations

Experience the 360° Hotel Management App. Automate every task, streamline all operations, enhance team communication and generate accurate reports & insights. Schedule, track and monitor everything with just a few clicks. Discover next level efficiency, productivity, accountability, revenue boost and guest experience.
Accessible Staff & Services
Accessible Staff & Services
From check-in to F&B ordering. From Housekeeping to Spa reservation, everything is just a tap on your screen away.
Streamlined Scheduling & Operations
Streamlined Scheduling & Operations
Schedule tasks, employee shifts, room assignment, maintenance, events, and more with ease in a matter of clicks.
Simplified Comunication
Simplified Comunication
Connect guests, staff, front desk, and management seamlessly. Engage, interact, and send out notifications or alerts.
Feedback, Reporting & Improved Performance
Feedback, Reporting & Improved Performance
Real-time feedback of staff & services. Analyze areas for improvement. Transform guest experience. Manage reputation.
Transform the way you run your hotel with NexTap

About NexTap

Transform the way you run your hotel with NexTap

Deliver a world-class guest experience. Manage everything from reservations to housekeeping tasks, from maintenance issues to in-stay purchases, all with a few taps on your screen. Automate your operations with customizable timesheets, checklists, time-clocks, calendars, and other intuitive tools. Save time and reduce costs. Leverage exhaustive reporting to stay on top of everything from guest feedback to financial performance. Have your Hotel in the palm of your hands. Never settle for an outdated and clunky HMS again.
Give your Property the Power of NexTap The 360° HMS.
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